General OSCE Tips

OSCE General Tips

General OSCE Tips

History Tips

The following are essential for a complete history:

  • All the features of the chief complaint (onset, duration, alleviating and aggravating factors, frequency, etc.)
  • Past medical history
  • Smoking/Alcohol use, as well as illicit drug use
  • Allergies
  • Current medications, including over the counter medications, herbs, and supplements
  • Family history relevant to the presenting complaint
  • How the present complaint is affecting the patient’s life
  • What the patient thinks is accounting for their symptoms

Physical Examination Tips

The student should always do the following during the exam:

  • Introduce the physical examination and ask the patient for permission to examine them
  • Always wash hands or use alcohol solution before examining the patient
  • Position the patient appropriately
  • Drape the patient appropriately, especially when sensitive parts of the body are being examined
  • Comment, out loud, about what you are examining for
  • Comment to the examiner about your findings
  • For exams that require examination of both sides of the body, complete the exam on one side and ask the examiner if he/she would like the student to examine the opposite side