Small Bowel


Volvulus – Midgut, barium swallow

Midgut volvulus is a result of a rotational anomaly of the gastrointestinal tract. The small bowel mesentery has twisted at the root with a vascular twirl of the SMA/SMV. This then sets up a potential for vascular compromise. [Courtesy of Dr. N. Jaffer]


Crohns Disease – string sign

Crohn’s Disease – Disappearing string sign

Terminal ileal disease is a common finding in Crohn’s Disease. Please take notice of the thin luminal bowel enhancement proximal to the cecum on the left image. On the right image, an abrupt cutoff can be appreciated (at lower centre of image) with fine “string-like” enhancement connecting the adjoining normal bowel. This is the string-sign associated with Crohn’s Disease and bowel spasm. [Courtesy of Dr. N. Jaffer]

Crohns Disease - string sign