Pharmacology You See FAQs

What is Pharmacology You See?
Pharmacology You See is a study aid designed to assist students with exam preparation.

What makes it a good study aid?

PYS highlights the most high yield information for the purpose of exam writing and organizes it in a highly visual presentation with full color figures and adverse drug reaction icons.

Visual presentation? High yield?

The book is curates the most important knowledge to remember for your exams and delivers it to you in an organized, visual manner. Drug families are summarized on one or two pages, and over 100 intuitive graphical icons to help you remember adverse drug reactions accompany descriptions of each drug. 76 full-color images highlight important concepts, pathways, and mechanisms.

How many pages is it?

160 pages.

Who are the authors?
Pharmacology You See is authored by MD/PhD students from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Toronto, and edited by faculty members from both Universities.

Who are the intended readers?
Pharmacology You See is designed for students in medicine, nursing, dentistry, and allied health disciplines. It is recommended to those with a pharmacology background for reviewing important concepts.

Which types of drugs are covered?
Pharmacology You See covers: antimicrobial, cancer chemotherapeutic, cardiovascular, central nervous system, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hematological, immune response modifier, renal/urological, and respiratory drugs.