Coloured Atlas

P.A. Stewart, PhD | T. Cameron, MSc BMC | R. I. Farb, MD, FRCPC

This interactive Neuroanatomy Atlas features a selected list of the most clinically relevant neuroanatomical structures with descriptions of their functions. The majority of images in the program are MR generated to familiarize the student with media that they will encounter in the clinic. Surface features are illustrated, and cross sections of spinal cord and brain stem were generated from whole slices. Vascular territories show the correlation between neural functions with vascular anatomy to facilitate understanding of stroke syndromes. A self-quiz feature is designed as a teaching tool in that the correct answer is supplied immediately if the user provides an incorrect answer, or clicks the “I give up” button. Three-D movies enhance understanding of deep structures in the brain, and animations teach the major sensory and motor pathways.

Now available online:

Link to Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy