Case 3 – Hemoptysis

You are about to see Mr. Singal in your outpatient clinic. He tells your nurse that he has recently noticed blood in his sputum. Take a focused history concerning his complaint.


  • Onset, duration, frequency of hemoptysis
  • Quality of hemoptysis
  • Volume of hemoptysis
  • Sputum production and volume
  • Distinguishes from hematemesis
  • Associated shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Associated B-Symptoms – weight loss, night sweats, chills
  • Smoking history (quantity in pack-years)
  • Drug use (prescription and other)
  • Personal history of lung disease
  • Infectious contacts
  • Exposure to environmental airborne irritants
  • Family history of cancer, especially lung
  • TB exposure, including place of birth
  • Addresses patient’s concerns as to what caused the bloody sputum
Case 3 – Hemoptysis