Case 2 – Infant Diarrhea

You are seeing Mrs. Bosco, a 25 year old female who recently gave birth to a baby named Michael six weeks ago. Today, she presents to your office because she is concerned about the baby’s health. Take a focused history of Mrs. Bosco’s complaint.


  • Determines chief complaint is diarrhea
  • Volume of diarrhea (i.e. frequency of diaper change)
  • Appearance of diarrhea (appears brown, with no blood)
  • Associated nausea/vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Child’s level of activity
  • Fever and peak temperature
  • Changes in urination, including odor
  • New rashes
  • Symptoms of URTI
  • Recent weight loss
  • Volume of oral intake
  • Infectious contacts
  • Past medical history (none)
  • Asks about developmental milestones appropriate for child’s age
  • Pregnancy history (normal)
  • Vaccinations to date
  • Allergies (none)
  • Current medications (none)
  • Inquires about mother’s stress, caregiver burden
  • Inquires about mother’s support for the care of the infant
  • Inquires about post-partum depression
  • Inquires about mother’s other concerns related to raising her infant
Case 2 – Infant Diarrhea