Case 3 – Seizure

You are seeing Oleg Markov, a 15 year old male, in your ambulatory clinic today. He states that he has recently experienced moments during the day where he loses awareness for minutes at a time but soon fully recovers. Take a focused history of this complaint.


  • Onset and duration of awareness deficit
  • Frequency
  • Factors which precipitate these episodes
  • Injury sustained as a result of the seizure
  • Post-ictal symptoms: confusion
  • Associated sensory deficits
  • Associated motor deficits
  • Associated cognitive deficits
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anatomical progression of motor involvement (e.g. Jacksonian March)
  • Symptoms suggesting aura
  • Associated incontinence
  • Tongue biting and salivation
  • Automatisms associated with these episodes
  • Personal history of head trauma
  • Congenital neurological disorder
  • Perinatal infection
  • Medications
  • Drug history
  • Personal history of seizure disorder
  • Family history of seizure disorders
  • Effect on daily activities
Case 3 – Seizure