Case 3 – Testicular Mass

You are seeing Bill Byrd, a 40 year old man in your outpatient clinic because he recently noticed a testicular mass. Perform a full genital examination.

Physical Examination


  • Inspects scrotum for asymmetry and skin lesions
  • Palpates testicles bilaterally
  • Comments on masses: size, location, consistency, tenderness, irregular shape
  • Palpates epididymis for tenderness, enlargement


  • Inspects penis for erythema, swelling, deformity
  • Palpates along penile shaft for irregularity
  • Examines foreskin for signs of infection
  • Exposes glans for inspection, and replaces the foreskin after completing the examination
  • Examines meatus for discharge


  • Palpates inguinal region bilaterally for presence of hernias
  • Assesses for hernias with patient standing up
  • Asks patient to bear down during palpation of scrotum

Digital Rectal Examination

  • States that a digital rectal examination would be performed as part of the genitourinary examination
Case 3 – Testicular Mass