Case 3 – Uncooperative Patient

You are seeing Mr. Simmons, a patient of yours and the father of one your female patients, aged 16, from your general practice. He states that he recently found an empty pregnancy test container in his daughter’s trash can and wants speak to you about it. Take a focused history of his complaint.


  • Inquires about the father’s concerns (father wants to know if his daughter is pregnant)
  • Establishes context for the father’s concerns
  • Acknowledges father’s concerns and reiterates his complaint
  • Asserts that daughter’s autonomy supersedes father’s concerns
  • Does not disclose details of daughter’s medical information
  • Behaves calmly with patient
  • Uses appropriate tone of voice
  • Uses appropriate language with patient
  • Uses appropriate body language
  • Respects patient’s personal space
  • Displays empathy
  • Summarizes interview
  • Handles patient’s questions well
  • Ensures patient’s understanding of the situation
  • Allows patient to express concerns
  • Copes with patient’s interruptions
  • Copes with patient’s aggressive tone and language
  • Avoids overreacting
Case 3 – Uncooperative Patient